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Tibetan Medicine is a several centuries old medical system.  It is the principal medical system practiced in Tibet, Mongolia and several other Asian countries. It has its origin since 657 BC prior to the advent of Buddhism into Tibet from India. It is a unique medical system which takes into account the physical, mental and environmental conditions when treating patients.

When you are in an imbalance or in a diseased state, Tibetan physicians support you by correcting diet and lifestyle, as well as providing therapies and herbal remedies. Tibetan Herbal Medicine is an effective remedy for many different kinds of problems including chronic health problems as well as modern day diseases.


If you or your close ones are confused and wonder where to seek help for your health needs, both in the field of mental or physical health, you should consider reaching out for help from this safe alternative health care, whether in terms of de-stressing or to overcome from general or serious health needs.

In the West, it is rare to find a qualified Tibetan medical doctor, who has undergone proper training and studies in Tibetan Medicine. Tsering Dorjee Dekhang is a qualified doctor in Tibetan Medicine, who resides in Toronto, Canada.

He devotes his time to presenting lectures on Tibetan Medicine as guest speaker at different Colleges and Universities, and is also available for private consultation and classes on Tibetan Medicine.

"As an integrated system of health care, Tibetan medicine can offer allopathic medicine a different perspective on health. However, like other systems, it must be understood in its own terms, as well as in the context of objective investigation. In practice it can also offer Western people another approach to achieving happiness through health and balance"

                                            -His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

“Tsering Dorjee Dekhang is a qualified practitioner of Tibetan medicine”

Excerpt from the foreword

by H.H. the Dalai Lama from the book

“A Handbook of Tibetan Medicinal Plants”

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Dr.Tsering Dorjee Dekhang's contribution towards film on Tibetan Medicine by David Suzuki.

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