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  • I have low confidence issue relating to difficulty in speech & not being able to pull up words smoothly. Tibetan doctor T. Dekhang is a trustworthy, compassionate person with sound knowledge of Traditional Tibetan medicine. After receiving his treatments, from the 3rd day of treatment I notice the effect of the herbal pills in terms of improved speech. His treatment has been remarkably effect on me in regaining my strength in communication. I felt I can rely on his wisdom and sincerity. Thanks for restoring my confidence! ~Sonam

  • I want to tell you how much your dietary advice helped me while hiking in the Himalayas to Everest base camp. It has been over a year now since I went there but I wanted to tell you that your recommendations for foods to eat helped so much. I didn't have any trouble with digestion at all. Also I have very little head pain now, and have even been able to give up the cold packs that I used to sleep with on my head every night. Thank you again for your treatments. ~Lori Armstrong

  • Dr. Dekhang's friendly words, encouragement, and advice were deeply appreciated. They were especially powerful at a moment of transition in my life, when I thought my illness and stress were beyond repair. I am happy I have a new friend and new doctor in Toronto. His treatments have helped me greatly on the path to recovery. I endorse and highly recommend him and will continue to pay close attention to his medical advice. ~Caldwell

  • I started seeing Tsering Dorjee Dekhang in the summer, after looking into alternative therapies for my stage 4 Breast Cancer. Modern medicine has shrunk some of the tumors, but also affected my immune system.  My energy was quite low, blood counts were low, and I could barely workout, I also had pain in my rib area. After three days on Tibetan Medicine my energy went up, and I was able to do a workout routine, with no pain! The greatest testament to my increased energy was my blood counts went up significantly, and I'm now in the normal range. I will continue to take Tibetan Medicine as part of my healing journey, and have no doubt it will continue to help improve and restore my health back to what it once was! I highly recommend this to anyone!! ~ Michelle-Lynn

  • ‘Since I have been under the care of Dr Dekhang since june 2017, my overall health has markedly improved; better digestion, better sleep, more energy and better regulation of my blood pressure, also for the first time in many years I didn’t have any respiratory tract infection. I find him to be a caring and professional health care practitioner, his advice on diet and lifestyle together with the Tibetan medicinal pills he has given me, have had a positive effect on my overall outlook on life.’

       ~ Guy Lapierre

  • ‘I am followed by Dr Dekhang since August 2018. I used to have respiratory tract infection and asthma for a number of years. I had to use inhalators and cortisone because of the severity of my attacks with severe side effects. With the Tibetan medication and diet, it is the first year that I did not have any infection or asthma attack. I travel regularly from Montreal to see Dr Dekhang because I feel confident in his approach. When I meet him, I feel welcomed and listened to.’

       ~ Lucie L.

  • I used to suffer from sinusitis and allergies for a long time. In order to control my symptoms, I always took OTC Reactine allergy medications. I have been taking Tibetan herbal medicine for the last 2 months. With strict dietary restrictions recommended by Dr. Dekhang, I feel much better now. My allergies are now gone and no longer use allergy medicine. It is such a huge change in my life without having to worry about my allergies flaring up every now and then. The quality of my life has vastly improved and I am greatly thankful to Dr. Dekhang for his timely help. Dr. Dekhang has a deep knowledge of Tibetan medicine. He is a very good listener and is very generous with his time. ~ Tara

  • I have been coming to see Tsering Dorjee now for 3 months. I am 54 years old and I have to say that my life has changed dramatically in that short time. Physically I was suffering from prominent indigestion, anxiety during the night that was not allowing me to sleep and an unexplainable feeling of imbalance. It was comforting in my first appointment to have someone that understands what I mean when I say I am feeling off balance. Each session I am feeling better and better and Tsering's insight and wisdom guides me forward to a more satisfying life. My anxiety has disappeared, my indigestion has decreased enormously and I don't even think about imbalance anymore. I have adjusted my diet, taken the personal responsibility suggested (i.e. eating meals at regular times) and meditated on the wisdom that Tsering has to share. The herbs that I now take diligently as part of my routine have made a world of difference to my body. My mind, my body and my soul are grateful for what Tsering Dorjee has to offer.  In gratitude, Lynda Watson

  • After reading a glowing report in a book about someone’s experience with Tibetan medicine curing her cancer, I felt strongly motivated to find a Tibetan doctor. But living in Eastern Ontario, where could I find a Tibetan doctor? I looked online and found doctors in…Australia, Australia, Australia….and then… TORONTO! I feel so fortunate to have found  Dr. Dorjee. He is compassionate, gentle, understanding, kind, insightful, and very well informed.  I was having difficulty digesting food, had stomach pain and was quite constipated.  He modified my diet, put me on a regimen of several small meals per day, and of course the magical Tibetan herbs.  My sleep improved, the constipation went away, and my stomach feels so much better.  I am so very thankful. ~ Raja

  • After being diagnosed with eye cataract, I consulted Dr.Dekhang. At that time I had severe pain in my eyes and head, I wasn't able to sleep. The fatigue and stress just kept building up. Within 3 weeks of taking several types of Tibetan herbal pills and following some diet recommendations that he prescribed ,the pain in my eyes and head were gone. I am able to sleep better, I feel calm, less stressed out. He is a very good doctor, he was able to quickly alter my deteriorated health condition and restore balance and harmony into my life. I'm really grateful for his kindness, and hope that with his help my vision will gradually improve also.  ~ Sarah


  • I met Tsering Dorjee Dekhang during a stressful and dark time in my life; however, I found great comfort when speaking to Tsering about ideas of unconditional love, impermanence, and healing. I hold onto these ideas and remind myself of them daily. Since our meeting I have been much happier and have decided to continue reading books on Buddhist philosophy so that I may continue to expand my education and find more positive ways of being in the world. ~ Neil Therrien 


  •  I met Dr Tsering at a meditation retreat and was very interested in having a consultation with him. At that time I was suffering from asthma due to moving my business in a place that had cats.  I was prescribed a month of medication.  The condition completely subsided. I also recognized that I was more aware with my hearing and my touch.  Grateful ~ Yannick


  • Amchi Tsering Dorjee, has been my doctor for some time. He is very kind, friendly and knowledgeable and truly delivers sound holistic healing techniques that can address a multitude of various illnesses that are commonly experienced in the west. I always enjoy and respect hearing what he has to say and our conversation afterward is quite enjoyable. His medicine is greatly appreciated.  We are truly fortunate to have him here, thank you for your diligent work, for helping people. All the best ~ Jason Matthews


  • I have been diagnosed as medically fit after consulting my family doctor. So I ended up receiving no treatment even though I experience discomfort and sleepless nights. Later, when I receive some herbal treatments from Dr. Dekhang I felt energized and gained my normal sleep.

       ~ T.Dhondup


  •  I have eczema for a long time. I have tried many treatments, but nothing works for me. I met Dr. Dekhang and he gave me some herbal formulations for a period of 3 months. Initially the effect was not that noticiable. I continued for another 3 more months and it was amazing. Now my skin problem has gone and I am happy to bring my daughter to him to ask for help.~ D.Paul


  • At one point of my life, I had severe pain at the waist region and later started developing stoopedy posture. I was really scared and felt I may become deformed. However after months of receiving treatment from Dr. Dekhang, I slowly noticed the improvements. Now, I am back to normal and I am glad that I met the right person.~ K.Pema


  • I have personal problems with my husband and in my own family. However I love them and would like to take care of them. So when ever I feel depressed and experience sever pain and stress, I asked for Dr. Dekhang’s help, and after each treatment, I feel renewed, refreshed and energized.    ~ N.Dolma


  • I have acidity problem for a long time, had taken other medications for quite a while. It helps me for a while, but because I frequently commute long distance, I do continue to have the same problem again and again. Later a friend of mine told me about Dr.Dekhang. I received a month treatment and then repeated the treatment for few more months. Acidity, discomfort and severe pain in my stomach is now obviously less intense and I feel much better.~ C.John


  • I have a chronic migraine problem. I use to take 125mg Advil whenever I have headache. Sometimes I take advil as much as 4 times in a day of two tables each. The problem is, the pain seems not going away. It seems to be getting more intense. At one point I even had 12 tables which exceeds the prescription limit. Later, I heard of Dr.Dekhang and after taking Tibetan remedies for two weeks I came back with a better health. I know it helps me and now I have been continuing the treatment. Eversince i continued taking Tibetan pills, my headache has gone very mild. Now only one 125mg Advil is enough for my headache. ~ L.David


  • I was diagnosed with a tumour in my uterus. I got worried as I was informed that I may have to undergo surgery. I shared this situations with some of my close friends and relatives. I was told to try Tibetan pills. Upon meeting with the Tibetan doctor, I received one month treatment and during the treatment period my mensuration was lot more than normal. I was concerned and during the treatment period I asked about the matter to Dr.Dekhang and he told me to continue after asking several questions. Later after about three months treatment of Tibetan Medicine, I went for check up at the same clinic where I was diagnosed with tumour. Luckly the tumour has gone smaller and I did not have to undergo surgey. I still take Tibetan pills knowing that it helps me. ~ K.Lily

  • I am interested to have a healthy sexual power, however this wasn't happening to me. I heard of tonics that could boost the drive, however I also heard of similar consequences of side-effects. So my search for a better option began when I met Dr. Dekhang, he provided me with several pills according to other health problems I have. Every morning when I wake up, I can see the effect of the pills. I am glad that this is working for me.~ B.Mike


  • I have issues with mobility as well as joint pains. After taking Tibetan pills, I have noticed that the pains have been minimized and I feel much better.~ T.Wills


  • Due to prolong diabetes issues, I have problems of burning sensation at the buttock and private region. I always feel uncomfortable when I go for public gatherings. Therefore I choose side chairs, so that i can stand and walk to the washroom easily as I could not stay at a spot for long. Now, after taking pills from T.D.Dekhang, I feel much better. ~ A.George


  • I have many problems including severe constipation, poor digestion and general weakness. Besides, I have severe thirst. So, I drink as much as 10 bottles of 250ml water every day. Even after that, I do not have the urge to urinate except once at the bedtime. In addition, due to my severe constipation, I do not have the normal bowel movement, except only once in a whole week. I was advised by one of my friend to consult Tibetan physician Tsering Dorjee Dekhang. After the herbal treatments for a total of exactly 2 weeks and 3 days, I can now go for bowel movement every morning. I feel less thirsty, and have gained my appetite and strength. My overall problems have been treated 50% at this short period and have recommended a friend of mine already to Dr. Dekhang.~ S.Ali


  • I work in a physical demanding job, but for the past 5 -6 months it was very difficult for me to lift my hands properly. After taking Tibetan herbal remedies for 3 weeks, the intensity has gone down by about 70%. I feel much better and realized, why I did not tried this health care option before.      ~ Cecylia


  • I was very worried when my son had the skin problem (Vitiligo or Leucoderma). We consulted physicians and received some reatments, however it became worse day-by-day . Finally I heard of Tibetan medicine and met Tibetan doctor Tsering Dorjee Dekhang. He mentioned to me that it is a difficult case,  but I was determined to try Tibetan Medicine. After about one month treatment, I felt happy to see the change. I still continue to receive treatment for my son, as I can see the skin condition getting better. I remain very thankful to the doctor, and therefore provided the consent to share the photos with the hope this may benefit others who are in similar condition. ~ Jorden


  • A friend of mine referred me to Tibetan doctor Dekhang as I was interested in Tibetan Medicine. I came with a redness & swelling of my scrotum with a burning sensation. After receiving the first treatment for 20 days, I found slight relieve. During the second follow-up I had an over all relieve of about 50%. Then I realized that, this treatment is working and I continued to receive the treatment. Now, I am in much better condition and found great relieve. ~ Leo

  • My problem was heavy bleeding like menstruation, and sometimes I sweat a lot with severe pain around the waist. I thought, maybe I have kidney stone. So I consulted two big hospitals in Toronto, and undergone number of X-ray, ultra sound and blood test. The reports came out normal with no disease diagnosed. I received IV and pain medication that helped me to gain some energy and reduced pain for short period, but I was continuously bleeding for 3 months with severe pain. I was then desperately looking for an alternative treatment and that’s how I met Tibetan doctor Tsering. During the consultation, I requested if my pain and bleeding would be treated. To my surprise, the bleeding was reduced even on the very first day after taking the Tibetan herbal pills. Gradually, bleeding got less and less in just 3 days. Finally on the 4th day, there were no more bleeding and the pain was gone. Even then, I completed all the pills that I received, and now I am in very good health, no bleeding and no pain. I like to thank my Tibetan doctor for the help. ~ Jamdol




* Real testimonials, some of the names in the testimonials may have been changed for individual choice and privacy reasons

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