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Treatment in Tibetan medicine are of varying type based on the constitutional nature of the individual. Even if people have a similar problem, that does not mean that they will be treated the same way. In general, Tibetan medical practitioner mainly uses four methods of treatments; dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications, medicine and therapies.

​Dietary changes​

Diets play an important role in either harming our body or in restoring our body back to health.

Numerous individuals are not aware of which diets are suitable for their own individual needs or not. Due to which various disease causative factors keeps building in their system. As such, one should learn about the diets you consume.


​Lifestyle change​

Lots of people have the view that exercise is good for health and sedentary life is not. However the key is how much is good and how much is not. Similarly there are various life style habits that we indulge in, not knowing how to navigate through it for a lasting health and happiness. If you truly  care for your health, consulting Tibetan physician is one of ways you can learn new and relevant techniques through an open and realistic approach.


Gyan Mudra
​Holistic care​​ (Mind & Body)

In a nut shell, it is our human body that needs not just physical care, but also emotional and mental care. So it is wise to be aware of how to balance these in order to balance our bodily constituents. Practically speaking, human body is not like a car, emotional and mental factors play an important role that must be considered to regain mental health and happiness.


​Herbal Remedies​

It is quite obvious that one kind of treatment that fits all needs is not possible. Having the variety of healing choices including Tibetan herbal medicine for various ailment is a gift that we must learn to cherish and uphold. Having the variety of choices gives people the privilege to choose which healing system is more complimentary according to time and specific need.


Counselling & relaxation therapy

In this hectic and stressful life style, we may face frustrations & difficulties and get entangled in a situations that may lead to loosing hope, interest in life, partner, friends and work etc. At such a time, we need proper guidance to proceed smoothly through rough times to find new hope, happiness and purpose in your life. No matter whether you are a believer or a non-believer, this one-to-one counseling sessions can support and guide you in your path towards achieving a more productive, healthier, and a happier person.

​Tibetan Massage​

Tibetan stress relieving massage is one of a unique and simple way to dispel the symptomatic problems that our body experiences. 

Depending upon your need, massage sessions can go on from 30-60 minutes long to release out your build in stress, tension and to harmonized imbalances in our body.

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